Life is not necessarily a bridge that is to be crossed, but a building that is to be built.  There is no point in a journey without a purpose. With every brick that is laid with love and honor.Your life monument will remain that much stronger. It was cracks in the wall that caused Rome […]

Our thoughts perpetuate our attitude.Our attitude determines the direction we walk in life.The direction in life we walk determines where we end up. The world is nothing but a place to be explored. Our attitude shapes the filter in which we see it. A leader shapes their own life filter with their thoughts.A follower allows […]

Anger will only put your heart in danger. As you drift further from the love born in a manger. Never let the worlds negativity take your eye off the nativity. There is no peace to be found in retribution. It will never heal your hearts situation. Once you drop the bomb. Everything you love will […]