Electronic Mail – Fwd: Memorandum to Michele Paine; Principal, Flathead High School, Kalispell, MT

Mrs. Paine:     

You were in receipt of documents on 09 DEC 2020 establishing myself as a legal parent of two of your students.  You were requested to forward the full contents of those students records at Flathead High School to myself.  This is the last time I will request these documents from you.  I am also requesting the point of contact for your school’s legal representative.


Michael J. Merritt
Founder Castle Phoenix
Information Systems Manager

” The study of Ethics is a pursuit of understanding the philosophical nature of right and wrong in it’s most perfect form.

A society’s justice system is an ever-evolving pursuit of that perfection.

Corruption is the cultural, political, or personal bias that overrules and interferes with that system.”