Email Correspondence with the Newton Police Department – 24 NOV 2021

LT Cook:

I have been informed by your front office personnel that you and Chief Burdess do not wish to speak to me in person. I have provided this department testimony and evidence since 2019 regarding ongoing harassment with false allegations of felony acts. I have brought to your department evidence of child concealment in the state of Iowa. I have brought to your department evidence of a violation of an out-of-state restraining order that federal law dictates it was your responsibility to enforce. I have brought to this department evidence of so many violations of my rights and my pursuit of peace and happiness that are protected by the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Iowa and your department has done nothing. However, a church in Marshalltown, Iowa reports harassment to the Marshalltown Police Department and your officers escorted Marshalltown Police Officers to my door armed and in body armor with no evidence and no intention to make an arrest. The only evidence I see is a prejudical execution by the Newton Police Department regarding how it executes its enforcement of Iowa Code Chapter 708.7, and what I believe the evidence will show are false statements provided to me and possibly other parties by the Newton Police Department regarding insufficient evidence for the restraining order violation this jurisdiction failed to handle properly in 2019 while my children were transferred without court authorization to the state of Iowa to live with guardians not authorized or mediated by the state of California.

This department’s leadership’s refusal to talk to me after the damage it has caused my children and my life after serving the ground it sits on is nothing more than a reflection of your professionalism and courage regarding taking ownership of a citizen’s grievances regarding your performance. I am communicating now for the record publicly that I do not feel safe in this jurisdiction because of the Newton Police Department’s conduct toward me, and it is my intention to move to another location upon the termination of my lease. I feel threatened by your officers due to the nature of the way they have executed their duties toward me with prejudice while there was no evidence to support the actions executed against me and my residence, and the failure to execute an action when there was evidence available warranting at least an equal response from this department regarding reports filed reflecting the same chapter of Iowa Code.

I have never broken the law, and I will never break the law. I have been obedient to the laws of this country and this state my entire life. I was honorably discharged after 20 years of military service while obeying the orders of the Navy Chiefs and Officers appointed over me. I will peacefully communicate the abortion of justice that continues in this situation on my site and I will continue to write my theological, philosophical, and fictional poetry on the other parts of that I maintain as this is protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. I have never threatened anyone in my life nor will I ever in the future. An unethical person facing the truth and a victimized person’s right to communicate personal experiences the unethical chose to involve themself in is not harassment. I have never executed an illegal act against anyone. I have communicated the truth publicly regarding my court case and the harassment I have endured since retiring for the purpose of standing my ground so that the pain my children and I feel will end and I can be left alone to live my life in peace as I have my entire life up until moving to Jasper County. The sole motivation for speaking the truth publicly is because of the failure of every national, state, and municipal agency I have reported these injustices to that either didn’t care or failed to execute their responsibilities. LT Cook the only question I have for you is it to much to ask to raise and be with your children after serving the lives of other families for 20 years of my life. Was this an unreasonable expectation? Why is it that I live in a country with so many holes in its judicial system that would allow one parent to take children away from another parent without any evidence to support the action for the sole purpose of destroying the other parent and profiting off of child support? If the family unit is the foundation of every society is this the country I served for 20 years? Everything I do going forward regarding bringing public awareness to the failures of the system that impacted my life is for the sole purpose that I refuse to believe and accept that. I refuse to believe that I live in a country that squabbles over abortion rights while abandoning children once they are cast from the womb.

Going forward:

  1. I will not contact the Jasper County Law Center or any office of law enforcement in Jasper County to file a complaint or update one that is in progress. I will provide all updates or reports of new complaints via certified mail. I feel the best way to protect my personal safety while I remain in this county is to not interact with your officers.
  2. I will be serving the Newton Police Department and the Mayor of Newton legal paperwork expressing my concerns in this multi-year situation during the month of December 2021 as I elevate this situation up this state’s chain of command.
  3. I have never broken the law nor will I ever break the law or impact the life or rights of another citizen unethically or in any way that violates the laws of this country, state, or county. I do not desire any unwanted or unnecessary interaction with your officers. It is my expectation that armed officers in full body armor will not stop by my house to chit-chat in the future to see how I am doing because another party or organization provided unqualified testimony without evidence for the purpose of concealing their documented and previously reported unethical behavior. As Officer Oldfield stated in the case he is currently working on for me, the Newton Police Department does not get involved unless a crime has been committed so unless there is evidence of that I see no need for you to escort anyone to my door as you did in June of 2019.

It is my desire to live peacefully during the remainder of my time in this county and execute my rights that are protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America while I present evidence regarding the deficiencies of this jurisdiction. It is my expectation that law enforcement in this county respects my rights as a private articulated in the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America while I communicate the deficiencies of this county in executing their responsibilities while protecting my rights as well as all citizens in accordance with the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

No Response is required or desired.

Very Respectfully,

Michael J. Merritt
720 1st St S
Newton, IA 50208