The Form of the Social Worker

Would you want a social worker manipulating the life of your children or your ability to see them? How would you feel if you knew that a social worker that was impacting your children had a deep dark secret regarding the deployment of false allegations of sexual abuse with no supporting evidence to profit off of child support during and after a Family Court Case while destroying the life of her children and the other parent?

If that social worker used deceit involving false allegations of felony acts to destroy the life of someone in the past, while showing no concern for the pain caused to her own children, is that not a historical record of behavior that could possibly be executed in the future? What is stopping this social worker from impacting your life if they don’t like you or feel they can gain something personally or professionally from the destruction of your life and your children’s as she gained from the destruction of mine and her own children.

Should someone with that moral and ethical deficiency be in a position that allows them to impact the lives of others?

I am paying this social worker monthly child support for 100% custody because she began spreading false allegations of spousal rape and child molestation immediately after separating while concealing my children.

This social worker has caused me financial damage because the rate of child support I am paying exceeds the level of support she would have achieved without her false allegations of sexual abuse. False allegations that San Diego East County Court documented there is no evidence to support(libel/slander/fraud). I would have had a chance to be a Father if San Diego East County Court had not executed prejudicial actions based on zero evidence as they documented while denying me that right as protected by California Family Code. I would have had a chance to be a Father if my children’s Minor Counselors had properly done their job.

This social worker has possibly profited off of the fraudulent tax filings she provided the Internal Revenue Service for 2018, 2019, and 2020 by providing a false address while concealing children without court authorization and filing as head of household while married.

I am not going to even begin to articulate the emotional and psychological damage that has been caused to my children and I.
Because the government of the republic I served my entire life has communicated to me clearly at the federal, state, and municipal levels for several years it doesn’t fucking care. I don’t have the fucking time to articulate emotional pain to a system that I have learned is only motivated by its politics and evidence of its negligence, deceit, and malice.

I am finished with lobbying for support from the system that I have served. My objective now is to build a thesis and supply evidence for the purpose of dismantling the negligence and prejudice that has allowed this social worker to impact your children in the same way she impacted mine. While ethically and legally providing evidence for the purpose of questioning why the public officials involved allowed it. The question we should all be asking is what damage will they cause future citizens with their prejudice and their desire to cover their ass.

What damage will this social worker cause your children while she is concealed by the Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s Consumer Protection Office while the San Diego East County Court documented on 16 SEP 2021 that this social worker has no evidence to support her allegations. All this social worker has is the money she has profited off of the use of her false allegations while improperly reporting it to the Internal Revenue Service.

The truth is not harassment. The truth is not defamation of character. All I have left is my word and my seabag and I am ready to set it on anyone’s desk while I legally, ethically, and professionally speak it.