Electronic Mail to Chief Tupper – Marshalltown, IA Police Department

Chief Tupper,

Thank you for the records that you have sent me. I have had many feelings toward the Marshalltown Police Department over the last few years. Your assistance with the work I am doing regarding the investigation of my former church has helped restore my faith in the town where I started my life.

I moved back to Marshalltown because I believed in someone. I will never stop believing in that person.

She taught me what love is and how to love myself after living 38 years of my life not knowing what true love felt like, never feeling like I was home. Because of her, I have evolved to a place where I can understand what true love and forgiveness are. I believe forgiveness is when you let go of the pain someone has caused you and move forward while you absorb it and learn from it because you love that person, and you realize that any action you execute against that person will only cause more pain.

I stopped writing for several months after December 2018 while I came to terms with that. I realized that I would always love her no matter the pain she caused me. I realized that if that is how I felt in my heart, the only path forward was to love her and keep walking forward while that love has made me stronger and the man I am today.

Being able to forgive the person that hurt me the most in my life because I love her has made the pain others have caused me irrelevant. I only pray that someday she can forgive me. The pain that drives me is not being able to be a part of my children’s lives because of the malice of others and not being able to experience life knowing I can talk to the first person that made me feel complete in my life. Not being able to wake up every day and feel the light and hope that her heart made me feel every day.

My work is motivated by my desire to correct the failures of our system regarding how they impact our children and help remove the corruption within the organizations that claim to help us connect with God.

What fuels me is my faith in Jesus Christ, my love for my children, and the two women that have held my hand during my life when I could not see light.

Chief Tupper, you and Detective Tejada have my respect and appreciation. Much of what life becomes is not the way we want it or how we intended. It is how we work together with love, compassion, and transparency during these dark times that make us who we are.


Michael J. Merritt

Marshalltown Police Department
Call For Service: 18049194