Electronic Mail – Iowa Public Information Board – City of Guthrie Center, IA – Guthrie County, IA

Hannah Fordyce:

I will be responding to the City of Guthrie Center, IA, and Guthrie County, IA, within 24 hours. I am in the process of organizing evidence that contradicts their testimony regarding historical events that occurred in their jurisdiction, indicating that documentation should exist for the names on my records request.

  1. I filed a sworn statement articulating my evidence regarding Patricia Buttler’s alleged involvement in this interstate child concealment with Chief Deputy Bennett. Upon being questioned by a relative regarding this, Patricia Buttler communicated a no trespassing order.
  2. The Guthrie County, IA Sheriff’s Office previously communicated that Patricia Buttler of Guthrie Center, IA placed a no trespassing order against me.
  3. The Guthrie County, IA Sherriff investigated a burglary outside Guthrie Center, IA, and tracked suspects on neighboring properties while questioning their residents. I am confident the Guthrie County, IA Sheriff’s tire tracks are still visible across my relative’s yard.
  4. The Guthrie County, IA Sherriff performed a welfare check on one of the individuals located at an address on my records request.

Suppose these agencies have no records regarding the names and addresses on my records request. Another investigation may be necessary regarding how these agencies within Guthrie County, IA, document events occurring in their jurisdictions.


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