Electronic Mail – Mr. David Bruner – Bruner, Bruner, Reinhart & Morton, LLP

Mr. Bruner,

I concur with your assessment of this situation based upon the evidence I have and the research I have done. I do not believe this situation has anything to do with the City of Guthrie Center, IA (municipal entity). I sent a request under Iowa Code Chapter 22 to your municipality for the purpose of completeness. Ultimately this situation is a result of personnel within Guthrie County, IA (gov agency) not taking ownership for their delay in responding, accuracy of their search for records in their custody (i.e., Guthrie County, IA Sheriff’s Department Iowa Incident Report 391220-3262), and respecting their responsibilities to the law as they have an expectation of citizens within their jurisdiction adhering to it.

I was not impressed with Guthrie County, IA Chief Law Enforcement Officer Brenna Bird’s response. A professional responsible to Chapter 32:8.4 of the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct should have provided a more accurate response while taking ownership for Guthrie County, IA’s delayed response to a request for records in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. When those that prosecute violations of the law show evidence of not holding themselves responsible to it, it produces a concerning paradigm.

I respectfully request that you complete your additional inquiry with city staff and provide a hard copy response on official letterhead to the below address so I can withdraw my complaint against your municipality with the Iowa Public Information Board, or if you prefer a portable document format (PDF) via electronic mail.

We are all Americans representing the same team. Nothing in this life is perfect and oversights and delays do occur sometimes. I do not have time to waste, nor do I wish to waste the time of the Iowa Public Information Board with a grievance against an agency that has provided evidence of ownership, transparency, and being forthcoming with information. I appreciate your assistance Mr. Bruner with the handling of my request in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22.


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“The study of Ethics is a pursuit of understanding the philosophical nature of right and wrong in its most perfect form.

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