Electronic Mail – Chief of Police Burdess – Newton, IA Police Department – The Form of the Pyrebird

Chief Burdess,

I want the name of the Sergeant I talked to in your lobby on 26 APR 2022 at approximately 10:30 a.m. after getting the run around from your office assistant’s who failed to answer simple questions. I also want to know when he will arrive at my house at 720 1st St S, Newton, IA, to offer me his apology for violating my first amendment rights and not allowing me the ability to speak while looking at me with a level of hostility that is not healthy behind a badge. This is the second occasion your officers have violated my first amendment rights in your lobby while I have tried to communicate my grievances to your agency peacefully. I want an apology In-person at my door or in court, it does not matter to me I will not tolerate this conduct from your staff. At the same time, I investigate evidence of your failure to lead a municipal police department properly. It is my opinion that the City of Newton, IA, needs a new Chief of Police, and I will not tolerate aggressive, hostile behavior from your staff and condescending mind games from your office assistants because you all feel you have an entitled right to shove your interpretation of the Iowa Code down my throat. All I have heard from my fellow City of Newton, IA citizens, including members of Jasper County leadership, is testimony regarding your inadequacies to live up to your responsibilities.

On 02 APR 2022, I will be filing a complaint with the Iowa Public Information Board in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 23 due to your failure to provide records (Iowa Incident Reports, etc.) in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. I will also be filing a complaint against your “contracted” lawyer with the Iowa Supreme Court Disciplinary Review Board for what I believe evidence shows is an unethical use of Iowa Code Chapter 22.7 to conceal what I believe is evidence of your failures as a Chief of Police. If you are confident you have performed your job, release the records I have requested in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22, so we can let a judicial officer of the Iowa Court decide the truth in this matter. Your resistance to your responsibilities to Iowa Code Chapter 22 in comparison to your historical execution of it is only wasting my time and damaging my investigation while slowing my objective of holding the California judicial officers accountable in a California court that violated their laws while destroying the childhood of my children.

I have a court document dated 16 SEP 2021 signed by Honorable Judge Miller of San Diego East County Superior Court stating she could not find any evidence of Claudia J Bergman (Merritt) executing abusive acts or violating previous court orders. I am preparing a public forum where you and the Jasper County Attorney can communicate why this is the reality I live with after you were provided more than adequate evidence to support these charges while conspirators were coordinating a concealed interstate transfer of children from California to the State of Iowa while concealed from court-ordered appearances they were supposed to provide their testimony regarding the allegations used to conceal them.

I want to be completely clear with you; I have nothing left in this life, and I am not pursuing nothing for myself from this situation. We live in a capitalistic republic where the selfish and the unethical attempt to convert their pain into financial gain. My objective and motivation are to ethically and legally halt the careers based on evidence of those that failed to respond to evidence or reshaped it while ending my ability to be a Father based on zero evidence. I am a servant of Jesus Christ; my only motivation is to protect the rights of my fellow Americans that I believe evidence shows the execution of your current professional occupation threatens while I honorably utilize rights provided to me by the Constitutions of the State of Iowa and the United States of America.

I retired from the US Navy in July 2017; one of your officers showed up at my door while Monica Speaks was taking me to the VA Hospital in March 2019 because after battling severe depression for 40 years and a very abusive marriage for 15 years, I wanted to hang myself so I could go to sleep and not feel pain anymore. I separated from my wife and created nearly 2000 miles of space, and the abuse still would not stop. Evidence across three states shows her abuse toward me evolved to an electronic perpetuation of false allegations of sexual abuse (San Diego East County Superior Court documented on 16 SEP 2021 there is no evidence to support) as she continued her assault on my soul from across the internet, direct messages, social media, and other digital platforms. I lay in a VA Hospital bed in silence for a week as I let go of my life and everything I hoped and dreamed of for myself after serving my country for twenty years and looking forward to enjoying my own life with my children. I left the Des Monies VA Hospital with a renewed sense of spirituality and focus because during the last few years, while the country I served has thrown me away, I have felt Jesus Christ holding me and protecting me from this world while giving me the strength and courage to stand up and defend the rights of others that cannot defend themselves.

This is my testimony, and I will provide it in an Iowa Court with supporting evidence. We live in a world where many people who have been betrayed and thrown away by society resort to violence and violations of the law because they no longer know how to find a rational path leading to justice. Through my faith in Jesus Christ, my objective is to provide leadership and a template regarding the use of passion growing from the root of pain and faith to evolve ourselves to protect others from the pain that we feel inside. Serving others is the only path to feeling peace and joy in this life. Let the historical record of my life show evidence of this.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Founder: phoenixharbor.com
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

“The study of Ethics is a pursuit of understanding the philosophical nature of right and wrong in its most perfect form.

A society’s justice system is an ever-evolving pursuit of that perfection.

Corruption is the cultural, political, or personal bias that overrules and interferes with that system.”