Electronic Mail – Jasper County, IA Attorney Scott Nicholson

Jasper County Attorney Nicholson,

I am respectfully standing by for the records I requested and your explanation of the “vast” differences between my restraining order violation I reported to the Newton, IA Police Department (your office chose not to prosecute) and STATE OF IOWA VS LAMBERTUS, ZACHERY MILO Case: 05501 SMAC015739 (JASPER).

I will be providing a sworn statement with evidence of an alleged interstate violation of the following by Claudia J. Bergman/Merritt (restrained party you chose not to prosecute in 2019) to the Jasper County Sheriff and the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

18 U.S. Code § 1028
Iowa Code 715A.8(2.)
Montana Code 45-6-332

I reported this to the Newton, IA Police Department in November 2021, and they took zero action in this case because Officer Oldfield claimed there was no evidence of a crime being committed while he was talking to me on the phone while I was reporting it. I have coordinated investigative efforts with several agencies across multiple states gathering evidence of my social security number being utilized without my authorization for the purpose of accessing benefits. This act was not authorized in my divorce judgment, nor was it requested or communicated to me. Claudia J. Bergman provided false testimony on a court-ordered co-parenting platform to conceal these acts. I will be requesting records regarding the actions the Newton, IA Police Department took regarding STATE OF IOWA VS GARZA, JUSTIN DAVID Case: 05501 FECR022704 (JASPER) to collect evidence of the inconsistencies in how this police department handles reports of identity theft. I will be reporting all future incidents in this situation to the Jasper County Sheriff and your office due to Chief of Police Burdess providing me enough evidence since June 2019 that the Newton, IA Police Department is nothing more than an antiquated prejudicial oppressive broken covered wagon of incompetence. I will be documenting all evidence in this situation regarding the Newton, IA Police Department in the proper forum when my investigation is complete supporting this. Sheriff Halferty is the only law enforcement officer in this county that I trust because he has shown me his integrity, transparency, and professionalism with his response to my request for records in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. His desire to find the truth to protect and serve the citizens of this county is well reported in national media.

Jasper County Attorney Nicholson, I respectfully submit your handling of this 2019 restraining order violation is what allowed the perpetuation of two children being concealed by conspirators in Ames, IA utilizing allegations of sexual abuse (San Diego, CA East County Superior Court documented on 16 SEP 2021 there is zero evidence to support) while concealing witnesses from appearances at San Diego, CA East County Superior Court ordered on DV-116 dated 05 JUN 2019 by Honorable Judge Martin (Iowa Code 720.4). These court appearances were ordered for these children (witnesses) to provide their testimony regarding these allegations. Evidence and records I have show an employee of Iowa State University (Sara N. Merritt) that coordinates field trips for Iowa public school children across the State of Iowa to visit Reiman Gardens of Iowa State University conspired in the concealment of these children in Ames, IA while they failed to appear to these court-ordered appearances in San Diego, CA. The record will show that the sum of my multi-year investigation (including over 380 open records requests in accordance with federal and several state laws) is that you and Chief Burdess not only failed my children, you failed to protect the children of Iowa by allowing this employee of Iowa State University that coordinates public school field trips to visit Reiman Gardens of Iowa State University to remain under the radar while concealing my children from court-ordered appearances All of this has occurred because you chose to do nothing regarding the restraining order violation reported to you that occurred while this concealed transfer of custody from California to Iowa was being coordinated. (Note: Ames, IA Police Department lead by Chief of Police Huff was requested to provide original records of this incident reported to them in December 2020. As of 27 APR 2022 they have refused to provide these records.)

Mr. Nicholson, I respectfully submit to you if you cannot prosecute violations of the law consistently for the purpose of protecting the citizens of this state and their children how can we trust you to be in a position of judgment.

Article 1 Section 2 of the State of Iowa Constitution

“Political power. All political power is inherent in the people.
Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people,
and they have the right, at all times, to alter or reform the same,
whenever the public good may require it.”

My pain and my faith in Jesus Christ compels me to transform my pain into positive change to protect others from feeling the pain I feel caused by those that stood by and did nothing after I spent 20 years of my life defending their rights and liberties. The actions of others working against my pursuit of the truth only fuels my passion and strengthens my resolve to fight the evil you allowed to perpetuate.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Founder: phoenixharbor.com
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

“The study of Ethics is a pursuit of understanding the philosophical nature of right and wrong in its most perfect form.

A society’s justice system is an ever-evolving pursuit of that perfection.

Corruption is the cultural, political, or personal bias that overrules and interferes with that system.”