Electronic Mail – Iowa Public Information Board – Bruner Legal

Mrs. Fordyce:

Good morning. I hope you had a great weekend. My response to Mr. Bruner is simple, an unsigned letter without a date did not get me out of school as a child, and it should not get a licensed lawyer out of an adequate response to a request for records in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22.

Suppose Mr. Bruner is comfortable with accepting unsigned correspondence without a date as a response from a contracted entity for his client. Then he can draft correspondence in his name reflecting that information as the official response for his client, the City of Guthrie Center, IA. Suppose Mr. Bruner is not comfortable taking ownership of the previously attached unsigned correspondence with no date. In that case, it is unreasonable for him to expect me to accept it as a response to a request for records I sent nearly five months ago.

I have not seen my children since 2017 because of lies, zero evidence, and reindeer games like this from legal counsel across three states.  I did not tolerate it in 2018 when I began representing myself after firing my lawyer, and I am not now.


Santa Claus