The Form of the Law Enforcement Fuck Stain

The Constitutions of the State of Iowa and the United States of America are like fantastic sex because they inspire, liberate, and evolve one’s state of mind.

Upon retiring from the military and moving back home, I have found that Iowa Law Enforcement badges are the stains on the sheets of my life I am forced to cover with a towel while I attempt to enjoy life.

If there is one piece of advice I have to offer my fellow Americans, it is this: If your children are being concealed in an interstate conspiracy involving false allegations of sexual abuse supported by zero evidence, don’t make the mistake I made and report it to a local police department run by a Chief of Police whose name rhymes with molest.

Iowa Law Enforcement are bold, arrogant, and intimidating while their SUVs are parked behind us. While my black Trans Am has been parked behind them requesting records I have found them to be dishonest, concealing, and cowardly. This is not an opinion it is a theory supported by evidence I will provide in a court of law.