In the history of naval warfare, the greatest battleships were the Iowa Class Battleships because they reflect the state of our nation’s heart and soul. When you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in a world of tyranny and manifest passion in your heart while protecting those you love, your adversaries […]

Pyrebird is a firebird that will destroy the evil that damages the lives of children while attempting to conceal evidence of its historical acts. Mirebird is a bird of prey that will consume its remains in a court of law while presenting a spiritual blockchain of facts. My passion is fueled by my children being […]

Child Concealment occurs every day. Evil fucked itself when it concealed mine while destroying their childhood. The ignorant, the uneducated, and the unqualified resort to emotions, malice, and their 2nd amendment rights to satisfy their inner frustrations. Those with moral influence stand in a court of law and utilize rights articulated in the 1st while […]

I retired from the battlefield because I know it’s what is best for those I care about. I know it is what is spiritually necessary to strive toward forgiveness of those that concealed my children from me. As those that have attempted to conceal the truth continue to do so, they will make the war […]

The destruction of evil is not based on whether we have the strength to crack it like a rock or destroy it. The destruction of evil is based upon whether we have the courage to be spiritually calm and flow like living water until the rock is no longer there, while the truth erodes it […]

This world and its unseen political borders change with the passing of time as one generation turns over to the next. The ocean stands as a silent witness unchanged since the first cave painting telling our story.