A fool will sacrifice their honor to win a battle. A conqueror will maintain their honor until they have won the war. A fool’s greatest enemy is not their adversary; it is the haunting evidence of their treachery in previous battles. The honorable evolve with the patience of fine wine while the foolish are dying […]

We did not win our freedom on July 4, 1776. We earned our sovereign right to defend it in accordance with the founding documents that were put forth and those that evolved from that day. In this life, we will only find peace if we have the courage to defend our freedom from the tyranny […]

Brother, your actions meant to hurt me will only reveal the truth you wish to conceal. My body you wish to imprison will be resurrected by our Lord that has risen. The destruction you fear will be delivered by your own hand. My heart is guided by the truth given to us by the Son […]

Some of us carry the pain of rejection from our Fathers. Do not let your life be impacted by their failure. Find comfort in our Lord and Savior. My Father not only destroyed our relationship, but he was a part of the destruction of the relationship I had with my children. My ability to forgive […]

Evil is allowed to exist in a sea of darkness until the truth is revealed by the light of a Tomahawk launch when the adversary sees the manifestation of the truth they are hiding from. Telling someone “fuck you” with two words and 7 letters shows nothing more than a lack of intelligence, sophistication, and […]

You must first have moral influence and control within your own castle before speaking the truth in a neighboring territory. If one fails to accomplish this they will be cut down at the knees. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know […]