Story County, IA Sheriff Fitzgerald: I respectfully submit these questions for your review:   1.  Is Story County, IA, a sanctuary for the concealment of children from court-ordered appearances to provide their testimony regarding allegations of sexual abuse utilized to conceal them.  (Iowa Code Chapter 720.4)2.  Is Story County, IA, a sanctuary for the concealment of […]

19 April 2022 MEMORANDUM From: Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/WriterPO BOX 187Newton, IA 50208(515)-446-8993Active Duty Military Retired/Writer To: Ames, IA Community School District2005 24th St.Ames, Iowa 50010(515)-268-6600 Subj: IOWA OPEN RECORDS REQUEST – AMES, IA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT – #003 1.  Requested Information (a.) All electronic mail/attachments originating from or transmitted to the following email […]

Hannah Fordyce:      That is unfortunate, and it leaves me wondering what the purpose of the Iowa Public Information Board is under Iowa Code Chapter 23.  The evidence I have supports the conclusion Iowa State University is unethically utilizing Iowa Code Chapter 22.7 to conceal records I requested that show their Education Director Sara […]