17 November 2021 VOLUNTARY SWORN STATEMENT From: Michael J. Merritt 720 1st St S Newton, IA 50208 (641)-840-9916 Active Duty Military Retired/Writer To: Federal Trade Commission (Unauthorized use of a social security number) 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20580 (877)-382-4357 Internal Revenue Service (Fraudulent reporting of Federal tax responsibilities) PO Box 3801 Ogden, UT […]

Voluntary Sworn Statement 21 DEC 2020Michael J. Merritt 720 1st ST S Newton IA 50208Career: Active Duty Military Retired/Philosophy Major/Writer/Information Systems Manager/Entrepreneur Statement Taken By:Ames Police Department: Officer Rohland – 858Guthrie County Sheriff: Deputy Bennett/Case: 391220-3262 720 1st ST S Newton IA, 50208 DOB: 25 DEC 1978(641)-840-9916 Phone:Phone: legal.ed100465@archphoenix.com 515-239-5133641-747-2214 Enclosures:1. Timeline 21 AUG 2019 […]

M E M O R A N D U M TO: Newton Police DepartmentICO Officer Zylstra101 W 4th ST SNewton, IA 50208(641)-791-0850Case: 19-26175 FM: Michael J. Merritt (Respondent/Protected Party)720 1st ST SNewton, IA 50208641-840-9916 INFO: ******* J. ******* (Petitioner/Restrained Party)(Copy forwarded to party‚Äôs lawyer) ENC: CA DV-109/DV-110 – 30APR2019 SUBJ: Domestic Abuse Restraining Order Violation […]