A badge does not validate an officer’s representation of the laws of a republic. It only shows evidence of the people’s trust in them to protect and serve. When there is an element of law enforcement that fails to represent the law, it is the responsibility of the people to remove that flaw. I detest […]

I carry no sword because I know the truth. I carry no shield because I know Christ will protect me. When we fight for truth and gain strength from our faith no one can harm us. All they can accomplish is opening the door to our eternal home where Christ wait’s to greet us on […]

Iowa is a state built on a foundation of agriculture. Our laws are maintained by the foundation of the Iowa courts. What these two institutions share is their foundations are cultivated by dirt and pig shit. The branches of justice block the light of truth from shining on this reality.

The odds we face are irrelevant. The courage that we manifest within will overcome any obstacle while fueled by the passion of faith. Fear is nothing more than an illusion the Adversary perpetuates around us to blind us from seeing truth. My adversaries’ evil malicious desire to punish me for sins they born false witness […]

You must first have moral influence and control within your own castle before speaking the truth in a neighboring territory. If one fails to accomplish this they will be cut down at the knees. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know […]

If Edgar Allen Poe wrote the “Raven” today, his family would probably contact the police and accuse him of threatening their birds. How do you destroy someone possessing politics or testimony that contradicts the reality you want to reside in?You spread rhetoric that makes them undesirable while attempting to criminalize them in a republic where […]