Those that desire peace do not desire the destruction of those that choose to be their enemy. When those that desire peace have been ravaged by the deceit of those that do evil all they desire is honesty, truth, and an apology. So that forgiveness can be given, and the path ahead can be travelled […]

This world will not remember Putin or the path he has taken. This world will remember when the Ghost of Kyiv was awakened, and haunted a tyrant God has forsaken. Цей світ не згадає Путіна чи шлях, який він пройшов. Цей світ пам’ятає, коли прокинувся привид Києва, і переслідував тирана, якого покинув Бог.

Religion cannot be trusted. Just as a man or woman has the ability to put their desires before their beliefs. Religion has the ability to put its agenda before its mission while taking the lives of those who threaten its power like a thief. Religion is not of God, it’s ruled by men and women […]

I spoke the truth to your people,and you began planning my arrest under your steeple. When you speak the truth to the Methodist Pharisees,they will destroy anyone they fear will bring them to their knees. As they pray their lofty prayers to our Lord, who was crucified,they push members who speak the truth against them […]

If a judge or prosecutor performs their function in our republic in violation of the law. It is the responsibility of the citizens they victimize to move swiftly, ethically, and honorably toward their removal by the law to safeguard future citizens of this republic from the perpetuation of their tyranny.