I spoke the truth to your people,and you began planning my arrest under your steeple. When you speak the truth to the Methodist Pharisees,they will destroy anyone they fear will bring them to their knees. As they pray their lofty prayers to our Lord, who was crucified,they push members who speak the truth against them […]

If a judge or prosecutor performs their function in our republic in violation of the law. It is the responsibility of the citizens they victimize to move swiftly, ethically, and honorably toward their removal by the law to safeguard future citizens of this republic from the perpetuation of their tyranny.

A badge does not validate an officer’s representation of the laws of a republic. It only shows evidence of the people’s trust in them to protect and serve. When there is an element of law enforcement that fails to represent the law, it is the responsibility of the people to remove that flaw. I detest […]

We did not win our freedom on July 4, 1776. We earned our sovereign right to defend it in accordance with the founding documents that were put forth and those that evolved from that day. In this life, we will only find peace if we have the courage to defend our freedom from the tyranny […]

Iowa is a state built on a foundation of agriculture. Our laws are maintained by the foundation of the Iowa courts. What these two institutions share is their foundations are cultivated by dirt and pig shit. The branches of justice block the light of truth from shining on this reality.

Evil is allowed to exist in a sea of darkness until the truth is revealed by the light of a Tomahawk launch when the adversary sees the manifestation of the truth they are hiding from. Telling someone “fuck you” with two words and 7 letters shows nothing more than a lack of intelligence, sophistication, and […]