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250 E. Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92020

Honorable Laura H. Miller
Preceded by: Honorable Judge Tilisha Martin

Case Types: Family Law IC

Courtroom Clerk: (619)-456-4005
Calendar Clerk: (619)-456-4211

Case: ED100465

Petitioner: Claudia J. Merritt

Respondent: Michael J. Merritt
Milena L. Celentano #303848
Pro Se – April 2019 – August 2021

Minor’s Counsel
Meredith Rae Levin #226437
Colleen Anne Warren #247028

Court Documents


Petitioner’s Court Exhibits

The Petitioner in this court case did not submit any evidence to support any of her statements at any time during this court case beginning January 2017 ending in August 2021.

Respondent’s Court Exhibits

Minor’s Counsel Levin’s Court Exhibits

Minor’s Counsel Levin submitted no evidence during her tenure as Minor’s Counsel from 31 OCT 2019 – 27 FEB 2020.

Minor’s Counsel Warren’s Court Exhibits