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Ron Cook <> Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 3:54 PM
To: Michael Merritt <**********************>
Mr. Merritt,</**********************></>

I was able to review the recording of your phone conversation with Officer Oldfield regarding this case and will summarize what I heard.

You told Officer Oldfield that you had a communication/correspondence as evidence that your ex-wife had intent to use your social security number, and that she had no authorization to use it. Officer Oldfield explained that if she hadn’t actually done what you said she intends to do, then no crime had occurred. He then suggests you contact the Social Security Administration to see if there had been any fraudulent activity with your number. You then ask him to contact your ex-wife and tell her to not use your social security number. Officer Oldfield agrees to do that and you start telling him how upset you are about the Newton Police Department. You try to compare your belief that your ex-wife intends to use your social security number without your permission to someone saying they are going to murder you. Officer Oldfield says that you are comparing apples to oranges and you say the Chief Burdess has told you that simple misdemeanors are not important in Newton. You then start complaining about how your restraining order violation case was handled. Officer Oldfield asks you for the name and phone number of your ex-wife so that he can contact her like you requested and you yell at him about talking over you, having a badge, and something about respecting him. He explains he’s trying to help you and again asks for the phone number of your ex-wife so he can call her. You tell him you don’t know her number and that you communicate with her through an app because she is a psychopath. You ask for Officer Oldfield’s email address so you can send him the number, but you don’t let him respond. You once again start complaining about the Newton Police Department and past problems with your wife and kids. You say you will drop the information off at the police department because you don’t have pen and paper, and claim that the conversation is going nowhere. You continued to get even more upset and accused Officer Oldfield of talking over you like he has some sort of authority over you. You then accused Officer Oldfield of harassing you and hung up on him.

Officer Oldfield conducted himself in a professional manner and tried to help you. You would not provide him with the information he needed to contact your ex-wife. You falsely accused Officer Oldfield of harassing you and hung up on him. The only person disrespected in that phone conversation was Officer Oldfield. To the best of my knowledge you still have not provided the contact information for your wife that you told Officer Oldfield you would drop off at the police department seven days ago. Have you taken Officer Oldfield’s advice and made a report with the Office of the Inspector General on the Social Security Administration website?

As for your reference to case #19-26175 (Protective Order Violation Investigation). I pulled the report on that case and it states that all the documents you provided were presented to the Assistant County Attorney for review and he concluded that there was not enough evidence to support prosecuting the case. The report says you were informed of this decision in an email from the investigating officer.

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