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December 17, 2021

Michael Merritt
PO Box 294
Newton, IA 50208

Re: Requests of City Officials

Dear Mr, Merritt:

This is in response to a 46-page letter we received from you on December 15, 2021. The letter is divided into four sections, each of which was separately addressed to city officials in Newton, Marshalltown, and Ames and is in the partial form of a records request. You suggest in some of these sections that city officials or employees are improperly accessing websites on the job. You also suggest that you are being harassed by police, citing a visit from an armor-clad officer who asked questions of an apparent third party at your Newton home. You then made some secondary requests of those city, officials.

It appears that you addressed your letters to this office (as well as the Iowa Attorney General and Iowa Auditor of State) in order to facilitate favorable responses to your requests of city officials. You have not made any specific requests to this office. At this time, then, I see no reason to become involved in this matter. I will defer responses to these three cities.

If, after receiving responses from these cities, you still require our assistance, you are welcome to recontact us.


Bert Dalmer
Acting Ombudsman



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