I will build a woman the castle of her dreams and stand the watch on its walls for eternity to protect only her. My strength and passion are fueled by her desire to be the only one that serves me in its dungeon. Will you trust me as I trust you? Will you forgive me […]

When I wanted to rest in a tomb,You let me bury my pain in your womb. As I hold you by the hair with every thrust,I know you are the only woman that I can trust. Only to you my life I commit,as only for me you kneel and submit. As you satisfy the beast […]

Pain is my heroin; she is my only accepting bride. The more this world injects inside, the more I am able to philosophize. When the world tries to destroy me it fails, because I have already crossed that path under a ship’s sail. While inflicting pain on myself with a cat of 9 tails. When […]

Lust is nothing more than a lie to the heart fed from the body.  Where love is a truth from the heart fed from the connection of two peoples spirts at the deepest level. Love is the process of two people opening up to each other completely and being connected to each other at a […]

My heart has never felt the pain of this kind of fall. The only thing that has kept me together is the teachings of Paul, as I build my New Castle’s wall. The first time that I saw Heaven was when I looked into your eyes. Your heart is the only place I feel safe […]

Any person or object that is a part of the form beauty is beautiful. To what extent it is a part of the form dictates how beautiful it is. The person viewing the person or object within the form will only experience the truth of love if they appreciate the individuality of what is within […]