You took the last thing I had left,while preparing your own death. You stole the crops I planted like Cain,because you were unable to grow anything with your grain. When you were caught in betrayal,you attempted to flee and set sail. While my anger builds within,I see you drowning in your sin. I want to […]

Religion is a lie, the only true answers are found listening to the Holy Spirit deep inside. The only true temple is one made of human bones, I have survived walking through fire because Christ has shown me I never face life alone. My soul will never tire, because I live in a wilderness that […]

When all I feel is pain and the desire to see my blood dripping down my wrists. When I cannot see because darkness is all there is while the Adversary is in my midst. It was Christ that held me and gave me courage while I stood in this world’s fire and gave me the […]

Anger is nothing more than an emotion that misleads us when we no longer know how to process the pain from those that we love. Anger produces actions and speech that have no benefit to the heart or those that we love and care about. I look forward to the day when I am done […]

I spent my life in pain always feeling alone.Now I will spend eternity trapped under a stone.As people look down at the ground covering my bones. Every night I wander this cemetery.In a world I never found familiarity,as I look for my prosperity. As the mournful see an echo of me crossing the terrace,under the […]

Religion is nothing more than a fallacy,used to control us through our spirituality. A church is no more righteous than the thoughts in its head,and the actions of the body while it’s fed. The path to your spiritual call is not within the vanity of four walls. Or under a steeple full of flawed people […]

Those who live only in the world that’s moonlit,will be buried in it. As crows descend on a world of sin,they will consume those whose light grows dim within. In Satan’s Lair we will be eternally ensalved,if we do not love and worship the King of the saved. Being spiritually reborn allows us,to eternally change […]