I see you perched at the foot of my bed. My dreams you fill with dread, I walk through life wanting to fill my head with lead,as you try to lure me away from my daily bread. These visions are always the same, as I am haunted by the same name. My heart cannot process […]

A man that looks down and can no longer hear his hearts sound, kept his eyes on a fallen star that never wanted to be found. You have to take the pain and bury it deep within the ground, or like the star your soul will be lost and forever bound.

When you have fallen and nothing in life on this world makes sense. When you have lost everything you have. When you have been betrayed by everyone that you thought loved you. When you have lost the one you love. When you fought for what you believe in and what you thought was right and […]

I have started this blog to share my ideas and thoughts, and to challenge myself to continue writing.  There is no better day than the day you are living right now to start your Spiritual Journey. To pursue something better and to live your life for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Forcing Scripture on someone is like reading a friend an instruction manual when they insist on figuring out on their own how to build a piece of furniture. Live a Christ like life, be there for your friend as they traverse the mire and let them sit in your chair when they tire.