Silence does not necessarily mean that someone has nothing to say or they lack the courage to speak. It means they have self control and intelligence to know when to speak. They know when to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and when to speak the truth with honor in words and […]

According to the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, false criminal allegations are reported for the following reasons: Mental Illness/Depression Attention/Sympathy Financial Profit Alibi Revenge Individual situations could involve multiple motives of those mentioned above. Our reality stands upon a foundation of blocks equating to actual events and truth. Our perception is our […]

I see you perched at the foot of my bed. My dreams you fill with dread, I walk through life wanting to fill my head with lead,as you try to lure me away from my daily bread. These visions are always the same, as I am haunted by the same name. My heart cannot process […]

Working toward a dream is like building a pyramid in the desert. You have to believe in yourself even if it takes 20 years. You have to focus and believe in your vision, own and carry the weight of every block you place into position. Because you are the only one that sees your vision. […]

Religion is nothing more than a fallacy, used to control one through their spirituality. A church is no more righteous than the thoughts in its head, and the actions of the body while it’s fed. The path to your spiritual call is not within the vanity of four walls. Or under a steeple full of […]

When you hold people accountable for their actions.Your life path will divert based on your reactions. You will attract yourself to their negative energy and destination.Regardless of your intentions it will only produce more pain and frustration. Never be combative, forgive move on and live.Focus on the present and build a future that is transformative. […]