What if people looked at happiness as something we create and not something we wait to happen to us. It is an attitude, a filter we look through and a choice we make. Something we create for those around us knowing serving others creates more happiness than serving ourselves. When we deal with bitterness why […]

Forgiveness does not equal continued tolerance. Forgiveness is a state of mind and continued tolerance is a choice. Love and Forgiveness should always be one’s state of mind. Continued Tolerance for people who have had communicated to them on several occasions expectations is a choice that leads to an unhealthy future.   Love takes courage, you […]

One day long ago, all I wanted was to climb down and be free from the tree that was protecting me. From the poring rain I was to young to see that was coming down at me. Now that I am free there is not much left of me. Running through the field finding nothing […]

As I come home, I walk inside. As I look up, I see your bedroom eyes. I give you a hug, as you give my clothes a tug. Guiding me back to our room where you always make my dreams come true. While we make love by fire light, it will still be me that […]

My whole life I have tried to see what he has planned for me.  Down his road I have stumbled along.  Praying that he will pick me up and push me on. Please God bless me with she, that was taken out of me.  From my faith I have seen this is the key that […]