Every day that I am alive the only thing I feel is that I am just waiting to die. I just want this pain to end. I just want to feel loved. I am getting to the point I can no longer handle the panic I feel. I have allowed this to happen to me […]

No one I have loved has ever loved me enough to care about me or see me as a person. They were only concerned with getting what they wanted out of the situation. I allowed it during my marriage because of how I was raised and my beliefs. I allowed it after I separated from […]

I am publishing these notes because I spend every hour of my life looking over the edge. The level of pain and despair I feel physically manifests itself to the point that I feel no hope at this moment. I have spent the last month in bed because I feel like there is nothing left […]

The execution of a judicial system’s judgment should not violate the foundation of law it stands on. If the people of a republic allow themselves to execute their wrath, they are just as guilty as the individual or group they are passing judgment on. The number of conspirators in a situation does not transform its […]

Those who portray righteousness carry the most guilt while persecuting and imprisoning the misunderstood and falsely accusing those that threaten their false reality. I served my country for 20 years not because of what it is but because of what I believe it can be if we have the courage to make it so.

As I slit my wrists to feel my pains suspension,that is spread across the fourth dimension.I see the end of my pain quickened by panic and hypertension. The vain persecute those that are in pain of wanting attention,as they cry out for help while dying in false detention. Hurting those that I love was never […]

You buried me in this ground, to silence the truth within my voice’s sound. You left me in this unmarked grave, but I was still found by the King of the Saved. It is written, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” sayeth the Lord. I remain in prayer as I have sheathed my […]