We did not win our freedom on July 4, 1776. We earned our sovereign right to defend it in accordance with the founding documents that were put forth and those that evolved from that day. In this life, we will only find peace if we have the courage to defend our freedom from the tyranny […]

Evil is allowed to exist in a sea of darkness until the truth is revealed by the light of a Tomahawk launch when the adversary sees the manifestation of the truth they are hiding from. Telling someone “fuck you” with two words and 7 letters shows nothing more than a lack of intelligence, sophistication, and […]

If Edgar Allen Poe wrote the “Raven” today, his family would probably contact the police and accuse him of threatening their birds. How do you destroy someone possessing politics or testimony that contradicts the reality you want to reside in?You spread rhetoric that makes them undesirable while attempting to criminalize them in a republic where […]

If you expose Corporate America, you are a hero in the eyes of the government and its people. If you expose that government, you are a traitor. From a perspective of ethics, these acts are the same. They are a public release of sensitive documents to expose alleged unethical acts by an entity attempting to […]